David Gborie is a Los Angeles based stand-up comic, actor, and writer originally from Denver, CO. He is the Voice of Comedy Central, has appeared on Conan, MTV, Showtime, Viceland, NFL Network, Trutv and was named Comedy Central's top comics to watch in 2015. He's also a co-host of the wildly popular All Fantasy Everything podcast.

                          NANCY NORTON


Nancy Norton is a  "Stay AWAY from Home Mom" because, its better this way.
She is the winner of the 2018  Boston Comedy Festival and is the only woman ever to win that competition.
Born the fourth of three children, Nancy thrives on the attention from strangers.  She is known for her fast-paced, high-energy, authentic, in the moment, and sometimes inappropriate style.  As a former Registered Nurse, she shares hilarious healthcare anecdotes that will leave you in 
stitches and really motivated to Stay Well!  Hey look, Motivational Comedy!  Don't get sick people.

                          SAM TALENT


Sam Talent is known for whip-quick wit and rollicking improvisations. He is one of the sharpest, most original rising talents in comedy today. Fresh off his New FAces debut at the prestigious Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, Sam has been called "the absurd voice of a surreal generation" by the Denver Post, and, when not maintaining a "Black Flag esque tour schedule (Savage Henry Magazine), Sam has worked alongside many of the biggest names in comedy, including Russel Peters, Ron White, Dave Chappelle, Doug Stanhope, Dana Carvey and Hannibal Buress. He recently won is his battle on Comedy Central's  Roast BAttle, and was seen on VICELAND's Flophouse as well as the Chris Gethard Show. He lives in Denver with his wife and dog!

                       JANAE  BURRIS


Janae Burris (Just For Laughs/NBC First Look) is a comedian, actor and event host in Denver Colorado. She is a South Los Angeles native and a California Institute of the Arts alumna. SInce moving to Colorado Janae has worked with Local Theater Company, Colorado Shakespeare Fest & The Denver Center for Performing Arts. She’s opened for  Michael Che, Roy Wood Jr., Beth Stelling and Josh Blue to name a few. Janae has performed at Just For Laughs Montreal, Portland’s Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Limestone Comedy Festival in Bloomington and High Plains Comedy Festival in Denver. She is the first  woman added to the covered Comedy Works Problist in fifteen years and was crowned Comedy Works  New Faces Champ in 2016. Most recently Janae was chosen to receive a grant through Spotify’s Sound Up Podcast Bootcamp and will be launching her new podcast Dead Daddy Issues in the near future.

                      DE KELLEY


Stand- up comedian for over 12 years. He has been featured on PBS and performed on the 2019 Highplains Comedy Festival. Dē Kelley first caught the comedy bug while doing skits for his track team in college. He got his first laughs in front of an audience and was hooked. He began honing his skills at open-mics and showcases throughout the Country quickly becoming one of Denver’s premiere up and coming comedians.

                           CHRISTIE BUCHELE


Christie has been described as "Brave" for leaving the house in that body, Christie's comedy has been described as "funny despite what she talks about..." and "Uncomfortable.." by Christie's mom. She was chosen to open up for the likes Josh Blue, Marc Maron and David Cross. Christie reps the Mile High City hard while crushing audiences with a wry, biting style that’s a bit sweet, a and a little bit surly; proving time and again you can say almost anything with a smile on your face and a gimp in your step.

                       STEVE VANDERPLOEG   


Steve is a Comedian, Writer and Improviser from Denver, Colorado where he produces the popular showcases Comedy Night at Chain Reaction Brewing and Joke and Tell. Steve has performed on over a dozen comedy festival’s all over the country including High Plains Comedy Festival, SF Sketchfest, 208 Comedy Festival and Rogue Island Comedy Festival. He consistently works with people much more famous than him, and usually, they like him.

                         NATHAN LUND

Nathan has travelled the country and is a favorite at Denver’s Comedy Works. He was featured on the TV show "Flophouse" on the Viceland network as well as the BBC2 show "Horizon". Nathan has been a part of numerous festivals, including Funny or Die's Oddball Comedy Fest and the High Plains Comedy Festival. He is the host of the podcast One on Lund and the reigning Denver Comedy Champion.

                          GABBY GUITERRIEZ-REED


Gabby Gutierrez-Reed is a Denver based stand up comedian who just wants to relate to people. She creates a unique experience with a range of high-energy jokes and characters that you’ll be quoting during the monotonous work day that is life. She runs a monthly showcase called Tell Me I’m Pretty in the basement of a coffee shop (where comedy belongs!) and hosts a weekly open mic at Dos Luces Brewery. You may recognize her from her appearance on Spaghetti High as Slomo Boner Wizard; it aired on Adult Swim at 4 in the morning on a Thursday making her a world wide sensation! Gabby has been in the Longmont Laughfest, High Plains Comedy Festival, Beast Village Comedy Festival, Gilda’s LaughFest, Alaska B4UDIE Festival, and 50 First Jokes. You can see her performing regularly in venues across Denver, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs.

               TALON SAUCERMAN


 Just a good ole boy from South Dakota. Armed only with a public education, the knowledge of what his "Grampa always said". Talon is an internationally touring comedian and regular at the world famous Comedy Works in Denver, CO/ He has also been featured on the DIY Networks, Cool Tools.

                        SHELDON STARR


Sheldon's brand of comedy is distinguished by his literal short stories, ranging anywhere from 10 seconds to 2 minutes with abrupt delivery, non sequiturs, quick punch lines, witty thoughts, and one-liners. The intelligence of his quick-witted deadpan jokes has crowds laughing punch line after punch line. His jokes mainly stick to the day to day observations of people, and stories, but is not afraid to go into dark and shocking humor.

                 ERICA KURHARSKI

             Erica loves to write bios!

                            MITCH JONES

Stand-up comedian, podcaster, novice voice actor, and avid pop culture enthusiast: Mitch Jones is a Colorado native that has been performing comedy since 2010. From the corners of the smelliest dive bars to the brightly lit stages of mid-sized theaters... Mitch stands ever vigilant; forever in pursuit of the creative process!​​ 

                        TYLER CORBINE


Tyler has often been described as "irritating" and "generally unpleasant to be around." While others spent time finding romantic partners, Tyler has spent hundreds of hours practicing comedy blindfolded beneath freezing waterfalls, crafting and perfecting a comedy technique known as "Smug Lotus." He likes granola bars and The Clash. Tyler would do some pretty regrettable things for money.

                        MARIO ZAPATA


Born in Peru, Mario's comedic style and quirky takes on American pop culture will take you through a musical journey of laughter and self acceptance. He's probably funnier than your dad. 

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